Thursday, June 12, 2008

Inspiring Websites...

Thanks John for pointing me to this wonderful, interactive site called We Feel Fine.

It contains an app that taps into blogs around the world which include statements containing the words "I feel" or "I am feeling". You can peruse randomly by interacting with a playful interface, or you can modify your search by specific demographic parameters. So, you can find out what teenage girls in Tehran are feeling today or whether men feel more sexy than women. An interesting humanistic experiment.

And thanks to a customer I met yesterday for pointing me to Smile Cards. These cards allow you to "tag" a person with a smile and pass it on. A random act of kindness thing. You can download your own to print off your computer. Or you can order 10 free cards. I've just ordered mine. Likely, to slip into the vest pockets of my co-workers to lighten our bookslave load.

I am inspired by sites like these. It gives me hope that humans are moving in a more human-focused direction. I like humans.

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John Conley said...

I searched for you and couldn't find're safe! :þ