Thursday, June 19, 2008


Remember that artist that I fell in love with a few weeks ago? I had went to visit some art galleries and came across the work of Carlito Dalceggio. And felt an immediate connection with his work.

Well, the story didn't end there (this seems to be happening a lot lately). Shortly after my blog post, I received an email from Carlito's friend and artistic cohort Thomas Csano. Over the course of the exchange, I said that I would be returning to the gallery to revisit Carlito's work and spend more time soaking it into my soul, which I ended up doing today. To my surprise, there was a little souvenir waiting there for me, a signed copy of the promotional poster from the gallery event. Cheers Thomas and Carlito! Thank you.

Thomas also sent me a link to Carlito's amazing mural that he created during last year's Toronto arts festival Luminato. Check it out:

At Carlito's exhibits he includes his notebooks (which he doesn't sell). They chronicle his creative process and include inspirational words, his poetry, random drawings, color swatches, pressed leaves, anything which he finds along the way. I was moved by this. Flipping through his notebooks was like looking through my Rubbermaid archives. It's a journey through all the places that brought you to where you are today. It's raw, unfinished, in process and completely wonderful. Thank you for letting me into your secret world Carlito.

tall penguin


matt said...

Happy birthday! :)
(What a way to celebrate too!)

zensim said...

Cool video! Carlito is a nice work of art also ;)

My 10yo said at the end "I would keep those pants if I were him, they are so colourful"

And my 8yo said "Fascinating".


tall penguin said...

zensim, I love the kid's comments!

And thank you for that birthday song. I can't stop smiling!

Hi matt! (waving frantically)

matt said...

*waves until the arm falls off*
*jiggles body until body falls off*
woops! *wiggles eyes until eyes pop out*
doh! *wiggles nose until nose pops off*
medic? :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Edith Anne!

I absolutely loved watching the video of Carlos. It inspired me to paint! Now!
Thank you!

(from LIV)

tall penguin said...

Dana! I was so pleased to meet you the other day. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Funny that you've managed to out my given name after I just changed it. :) Life's hilarious.

Glad to see you inspired to paint. You go girl!