Sunday, June 1, 2008

Because I Could...

The other day I blogged about visiting a church. A friend of mind privately asked me, "Why did you go into a church?"

And I said, "Because I could."

As a Jehovah's Witness it was not permitted for me to enter the houses of worship of other faiths. I recall that when my paternal Grandfather died, we stayed at a local coffee shop while the funeral service was held at a Catholic Church. We waited until it was over before joining the procession to the cemetery. Weddings were the same; we attended the reception but never the church service. Other houses of worship were deemed centers of "false worship", the jw's having cornered the market on truth.

I never again want to find myself the slave of any belief system that precludes my freedom of movement. So, I visited a church. Because I could.

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matt said...

That kind of insolence I am now well aware on. The methods JWs use are merely those things that get people to ask you why you did it. Perpetuating a faith through the annoyance and pain of others. How flattering. :(

Elessa said...

interesting in that my mother, a director of religious education for a catholic diocese, was very open to exposing my sisters and i to other religions and flavours of christianity. we were taken to jewish temple, protestant, baptist, lutheran and presbyterian services in order to be exposed to the others.

i do not practice catholicism nor any form of christianity. by her willingness to reveal the various forms of religious worship i began to question christianity from the time i was nine years old.

i enjoy going into churches to see the aspects of architecture, incorporation of various mythologies into the theme or simply to enjoy a sense of peace and quiet.