Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anya's Day...

I am still recovering from my birthday festivities. Wow. All 550 square feet of my humble abode was filled with love on Friday night as about 25 of us celebrated my life. I have never felt such a complete sense of unconditional love and belonging.

I remember so many times in my life as a Jehovah's Witness where I'd be out for the evening with large groups of people and come home feeling so terribly alone. I had this sinking feeling that these people had no idea who I was; but then, neither did I. Everyone at my birthday knows me and loves me just as I am. They've watched much of the transformation of the tall penguin over the past year and sincerely shared in the celebration of who I have become. I have been basking in that warm glow all weekend.

I have received so many gifts and well wishes. Thank you to all. And you, dear blog reader, are part of my circle of friends who has held my hand during this journey. I am truly grateful for your presence here.

There is one gift that I would like to share with you. My friend Matt, who incidentally came to my blog as a result of Bible Re-shelving Day, composed a song for my birthday. It is called "Anya's Day". And you can listen to it here. I've had it on repeat all weekend. It truly is me, in music form. Cheers.

tall penguin


jdbartlett said...

I was going to make some sort of "me too" type comment about coming home after an evening with The Friends, but then found out the Bible re-shelving prank was you, and that sort of threw me off a bit. I've been reading PZ's blog for a while now, and had read about it there long before I discovered your blog through Ryan. Thanks for the "small world" moment.

I've never said these words before: happy birthday! Or happy day-after-your-birthday. Er... happy today? Whatever it is, I hope it's a happy one. Or was.

Oh dear.

Teaching Kids Yoga said...

Happy Birthday Anya,
It's great to see someone enjoying life so much! Congratulations.
With Love,

P.S. Funny that the day I met you was on Ganga's Birthday!

matt said...

Dear, thank you for being an inspiration to something I love to create. :)

It's truly an honor to see you happy.
Happy Anya's Day -- now celebrated globally. ;)

Elessa said...

happy birthday!!!

i am glad it was one where you were surrounded by friends and love.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday!

(Sorry that I mostly lurk on your blog!)

tall penguin said...

Hey jd. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's a weird thing isn't it--to with someone happy birthday for the first time? Don't worry. It'll get easier with time.

And yes, the Bible re-shelving thing did indeed happen at the store where I work. Small world indeed.

tall penguin said...

Aruna! So glad to see your face here.

tall penguin said...

matt, it is my honor to be the muse that brings such creation to life. You are a talented, brilliant soul. And I am pleased at the serendipity that brought you here. :)

tall penguin said...

Elessa! Thank you dear. Being surrounded by love is the greatest gift I received on my birthday. One I will bask in for many days to come.

tall penguin said...

Hello Honey Pie. I too lurk on your blog, so it's all good. ;)

Flonkbob said...

Wow. Matt, that's really quite unbelievable. Very nice.

And Anya, the feelings you're feeling now that your out in the real world are what the cult took for itself. Unfair, arrogant bastards. Welcome to the world dear. We're glad you came.

Flonkbob said...

Pfft. Yes, I do know the difference between your and you're. What a dumb bunny.

Rahul said...

happy birthday TP!

matt said...

Thank you Anya, wherever my emotions travel, so too does my music. :)
It's such a fun story thinking about Bible Re-shelving Day. It's so interesting to realize that absolutes from 'either divide' would switch bibles around. :)

Flonkbob, thank you! This is track number 6 on my latest album. :D
I don't want to destroy the atmosphere so I won't advertise, but just search for beefok! :)

tall penguin said...

"And Anya, the feelings you're feeling now that your out in the real world are what the cult took for itself. Unfair, arrogant bastards. Welcome to the world dear. We're glad you came."

flonk, thank you for this. I'm finally glad to be here.