Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yet Another Scene from the Dancefloor...

Tonight. The college bar I've been frequenting in recent months. On the dancefloor with my girls and random dancer-boy slides up behind my friend. And then his friend slides up in front of me. We dance for a bit and then he introduces himself. I still hate small talk on the dancefloor. We're drunk. It's loud. Who cares? Just dance.

But I play along. For now. I give him my bar name, which is a shortened version of my actual name. He shakes my hand. Seems pretty gentlemanly.

And then, more questions. Sigh. Please just dance.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asks.

"No," I reply. At that point I should've just said yes. What would he have done then?

A broad smile spreads across his face. "Well you do now."

Woah there. I've known you for all of three minutes. Timbaland's just gettin' started and you're already claimin' possession? Uh-uh.

" thanks. Not interested in a boyfriend."

"Why?" He's seriously perplexed. Perhaps it's a cultural thing. He's from out of town, like way out of town and maybe he's used to things moving along at this fast of a pace. But this penguin don't play dat way.

"Because I'm really enjoying being single," I reply. Nuff said. He looks dismayed. Fortunately, my girlfriend motions that it's time to visit the loo. We narrowly escape.

When we emerge from the ladies' room, we grab another drink and I begin looking around for this hot number I noticed on the way in. I spot him slowly wallflowering his way onto the dance floor. Why does it take some guys way too many drinks to get the nerve up to dance? I sally up to him and we start groovin'. Damn. Good dancer. Damn. Very drunk. In the first five minutes of dancing, he introduces himself four times!

The beat gets stronger. Our bodies fit together pretty well. I'm in the zone here. I close my eyes and drift off somewhere warm. Yum.

He reveals his age. 24. He guesses me at 22. Sure. Whatever you say. Why argue with a cute drunk boy? Through the course of our grinding (which he's really good at) he begins to sober up. He is now able to remember my name without my repeating it. Progress.

Now, I'm having a good enough time. He's hot. He can dance. Oh, and he can kiss. Really kiss. And goes to hell in a hay-basket.

He says, sheepish grin on his face, "So my Mom's out of the country for the next three weeks. You should come back to my place."

I've never done such a thing and as tempting as it would be to spend the night at college boy's house while Mommy is away, I'm acutely aware of the vast ocean between us. Physical attraction aside, what the hell would I do with a 24-year-old?

I left the bar alone, but I did take his number. We'll see if he can carry on a conversation sober. Hey, I've got three weeks right?

tall (and very naughty) penguin


mike said...

Butting in on the dance floor... a classic move!

I can remember doing that, most times it was just on a dare from your buddies, but the girls (victims?) always had to be cute so I'd take it as a compliment. Even if it was from a drunk young college boy.

Man that brings back memories...

tall penguin said...

lol mike. Ya, it's a classic move alright. And so overdone.

Sometimes I'm flattered by the gesture. And sometimes I'm a little creeped out. There's a whole generation of guys reading things like "The Game" and "The Mystery Method". So it's hard to tell if they're sincere or just "working the room". Leaves a sour taste in my mouth. And why I prefer to make the first move if I'm interested.

tall penguin

matt said...

I wish more girls made the first move; I don't have time for ritual!
Probably why I've never been to a club. :)
I believe the real interests come around on their own.

matt said...

Of course, that's not to say I don't expect to work for it.
But there's the game, and then there's those that make a difference. Maybe I'm just a hapless romantic with a phobic fear of rejection. ;)

tall penguin said...

Post Script: I had a text conversation with that hot guy today. He is actually 22, not 24, and methinks he's going back into the pond. :)