Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vicarious Pleasure...

I have recently had a number of people tell me that they live vicariously through me. Apparently, my stories of life, both those shared here publicly as well as those I share privately, thrill people in a way that they are quite enjoying. It's funny to me because I never thought I'd have a life that other people would envy. I never imagined leading the life I'm leading. I'm not even sure what this life I'm leading is. Most days, I feel like it's leading me. I just show up and go along for the ride.

Sometimes, I think I am living vicariously through myself as well. That there is still this other version of myself that stands in awe of what the tall penguin experiences each day. It's a very cool thing to be the watcher and the watched all at the same time.

tall penguin


John Conley said...

Hi TP!

I live my life vicariously through those who live their lives vicariously through me.

It's like the circle of life...and it is magical. :)


tall penguin said...

What a great way to see it John. It's this full circle thing that I find so interesting about life. Being the seen seeing. Incredible.