Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To Those Who Love Me...

(I wrote this about four years ago when I began working with infants. Seems more real to me now than when I wrote it. Sometimes I think my writing foreshadows a life I'm not quite living yet. Interesting.)

To Those Who Love Me

I am new to this world.

I am here to learn. I am here to teach. Create a space for me where I can do both, and I will amaze you, love you and respond to you.

I want to play with you. Get down on my level. You are the most interesting “toy” for me. Allow me to touch your hair, look into your eyes, and take in your facial expressions. This will integrate my senses.

Talk to me. Let me talk to you. Let me experience the sound of my own voice, for then I will learn to feel safe to speak and to feel safe also being silent.

Touch me, cuddle me, and tell me you love me. Let me see you smile for then I will learn joy. Let me see you cry for then I will learn that it is safe to experience all my emotions.

Let me be nurtured by the healthy food you provide. Let me bond with you and feel loved. Answer my cries for help with an assuring touch and a soft voice.

Let me discover my body. Be happy for me as I learn that I have fingers and toes. Realize that what you already know is new and exciting to me. Join me in this excitement. Let me teach you about how wonderfully we are made.

Allow me to experience being still before I learn how to move. Let me know that it is safe to be here in this moment in time.

Let me learn to roll over before I sit up.
Let me learn to sit up before I crawl.
Let me learn to crawl before I walk.
Let me learn to walk before I run.

Join me at each stage. Explore movement with me. Let me know the freedom of movement and that wherever I am in my development, I am safe, loved and supported.

When I fall, let me pick myself up for then I learn how to stand on my own. Let me reach for things for then I learn how to set a goal and move towards it. Let me make mistakes and learn from them for then I will learn what success feels like.

Hold the thought that you believe in me. Know that I am doing my best at all times and that my best is good enough. Trust that I am moving at the right pace for me and…

All is well.

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Ganga Fondan said...

This touches my heart! You go, girl. Watching you blossom more and more is a privilege.

Lots of love,