Monday, May 26, 2008

Tabula Rasa Ding Dong...

Thanks Dom for sending this along. Not sure where it came from so if you know the artist, lemme know so I can give due credit. :) If you click on the image, it will become clearer.


zensim said...


I think meditation is a bit kinder than duct tape :)

.... although, maybe not as fun ;)

matt said...

Haha brilliant.

Imagine a child being born in a pure white room, and living there for all eternity with no outside feedback. No clothes, no objects, just blank space. What would happen?

What would be its thoughts? I understand that babies die on their own without feedback from the get go, if they get no hugs or interactions with their parents, they die of anxiety.

So okay, either ignore that bit of time -- or maybe it would have to be a child with amnesia. :)

Or not.. I guess.. a child with amnesia would still have a working personality. Curses. How do I test for tabula rasa? Dammit!

matt said...

Oh and of course they'd need food too.. Hrrm.. So that would be external output.
Okay, how about a baby in the Matrix! *score one for matt*
Or not. Even a blind baby gets input from its environment.


tall penguin said...

Duct many useful uses. :)

matt, I love it when your head explodes. Makes me laugh every time.

"How do I test for tabula rasa? Dammit!"

Ya, let me know when you figure that one out. I think the study of infants is fascinating, but without them being able to use language we are at a loss. Until of course we gain a deeper understanding of the finer forms of communication.

You might enjoy a documentary called "The Baby Human". When I was working with infants it was instrumental in my understanding of them.