Sunday, May 4, 2008

Simple Wisdom...

This made me smile today. Thought I'd share.

From the book Radical Acceptance:

"Sufi teacher Indries Shah tells the story of a dervish who was so wise and beloved that every time he sat down at one of his favorite coffeehouses, he would be immediately surrounded by students and devotees. While he was humble and did not proclaim to be someone special, these very qualities were part of the vibrant aura that attracted his followers. The dervish was asked various questions about spiritual life, but the most frequent was personal: "How did you become so holy?" Invariably he would simply reply, "I know what is in the Koran."

This went on for quite a while until one day, after hearing this response, a rather arrogant newcomer challenged him. "Well, what is in the Koran?" he demanded. After regarding him kindly, the dervish responded, "In the Koran there are two pressed flowers, and a letter from my friend Abdullah.""

tall penguin


Daniel McCullough said...

What a great story for 'The Koran', 'The Holy Bible', or 'The Origin of the Species'!

tall penguin said...

Indeed. It seems to sum up all three doesn't it.