Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, that bookstore prank I blogged about over the weekend has gotten some attention. Apparently the pranksters claimed responsibility by sending a photo of their handiwork to science blogger, PZ Myers, over at his blog, "Pharyngula".

Seems the culprits were fundies of a different sort--atheists who thought relocating a bunch of Bibles and leaving behind a copy of Sam Harris' "Letter to a Christian Nation" (which was gone by the time I got there), was a testament to atheism everywhere. Interesting intention. Not so crazy about the delivery. But hey, I was one of those people that knocked on your doors on a Saturday morning peddling religion, so who am I to judge?

This has all worked out well for me though. My blog has never seen so much traffic! My thanks to PZ, the pranksters and anon (or shall I say "tabularasa"?).

Well, I'm off to the bookstore. You all now know where I work, so if you're ever in Toronto, stop by and say hello. I'm the tall penguin. Oh ya, you know that now don't you?

tall penguin


mantecanaut said...

I love Tranna, hope to go back one day, good times in Queen st W. so prepare for a stalking. Er, that was a joke. No actual stalking. Can't afford the plane fare.

Peter Mosier said...

PZ Myers is one of the highest read science blogs. You are practically famous!

jdbartlett said...

My goodness! I remember reading about this and thinking "Tsk, Tsk!" But that was you!

You are a very naughty penguin!

Hilarious. But very, very naughty.