Monday, May 26, 2008

Fuzzy Intruders...

So I get home from work last night, go to the kitchen to grab a drink and find this:

Yes, that's my kitchen window screen, with a rather large hole chewed through it. And what were the fuzzy intruders after? Notice the crumbs trailing to the window and gracing the corner of the chewed hole. Those are cookie crumbs. They must have smelled these sitting on my kitchen table and decided to help themselves:
I also wonder if the sweetness of alcohol drew them in. Had a party here the other night and the used glasses were still littering the table. The roomie said it's too bad there wasn't any alcohol left in the glasses, or we may have had some inebriated squirrels awaiting our arrival home. The image is just too funny to ponder. Drunken fuzzies on my kitchen table. Now that would have made a kick-ass picture!

So today I have to call the super and get my screen replaced. Meanwhile, somewhere, there are squirrels enjoying peanut butter cookies for breakfast. Fuzzy bastards.

tall penguin


Mattt said...

I've known that squirrels were evil for yours, ever since the first time they tried to kill me. They've also broken into my house through a hole in the screen more than once. So it's not just you that they're after.

tall penguin said...

lol matt. Yes, squirrels will eventually take over the world. Global warming doesn't have anything on dem squirrelies.