Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cursed is the Peacemaker...

"BE the change that you want to see in the world."

After my last post, I decided to go see what was happening over at the forums. Been a while since I posted there but saw this thread and decided to hop on. I'll probably get flamed for my thoughts but hey, they're just thoughts.

And I must say that whenever I go back, there's this squidgy feeling in my belly. It's like being in the room watching Mom and Dad fight. Can't we all just get along?

I have a hard time being on these forums. Any forums. We've been talking about these issues for eons it would seem. Are we really getting anywhere? Maybe I'm an idealist. My ideal world would be one where language is no longer considered the main form of communication, where we could learn to just be with each other without these endless debates of thoughts and ideas.

Sigh. I have to go now. Go and be with trees and flowers and other silent things that don't need labels to tell us what they are.

tall penguin


Anonymous said...

Hey again, ExJW here.

I don't know if you've seen this, but it's Sam Harris speaking on this subject. I totally agree with him. You can tell he's studied buddhism, all this talk of labels, etc.

matt said...

lol, "Good, identify yourself as a humanist then , but keep away from my atheism."
I watched Sam's speech a while ago, it's very well put and thought out. The lady in the intro sounds like a new JW just starting out in the faith. Am I right?

Sorry, this is the post I meant to reply to -- deleted the other one :E

matt said...

also, my thoughts on it:

tall penguin said...

Thank you for that ExJW and also for posting it on the Dawkins forum. I look forward to watching it and will create a separate blog post on my thoughts.

tall penguin said...

"Good, identify yourself as a humanist then, but keep away from my atheism."

Ya, you noticed that too eh? Humans are funny creatures. Hours of endless entertainment.

"My" atheism. This is exactly the point. Whenever we get our identities bound up with anything, we enter a very dangerous place. Do beliefs cause wars? No, egos cause wars. The need for me to be right and you to be wrong causes wars. The need for "me" to hold on to my sense of me-ness causes wars.

God, or no god, the only battle we have is within our own psyche. Heaven and hell are created within the same three pound universe.

matt said...

me-monsters are everywhere. YOU-ME! YOU-- YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?
Saw him live, a wonderful and clean comedian. :D

And on the subject of war, that is so very true! I never saw it like that, but then again I don't even know what I thought. I wonder what will happen when personally, we finally walk on the moon.

tall penguin said...

matt, your live journal post has left me speechless. Let me be with your words. I will get back to you when the tears pass. Beautiful.

matt said...

aww, well, their just words -- but to take action on them, well, that's exactly what your ghandi quote is all about.

If I haven't said enough about my psychology teacher, I'll continue:
He gave us an experiment and assignment. We had to change the world. Please tell me how that is done, you ask? Be the change. :)
We spent a whole week writing down our current moods to act as a baseline control of the experiment. Then the next week, we went out of our way to be gracious to everyone we met. We'd let people get into our lane without a fuss, and smiled them off. We'd complement those at the register for the wonderful job they are doing. We learned how to use the vacuum cleaners at home, wash the dishes, etc. -- and then we had to write an essay on our thoughts, and the results of the experiment. Action is the only way to take charge. Love is only a four letter word until it is put into action. The more important experiment is to continue changing the world -- after the semester. ;)

happinessiseasy said...

I always think the way people latch onto words (and popular ideas) is so funny.

One day people are avoiding saturated fat, then they're all about no trans fat, and now they gotta make sure they have the right omega-3/6-fatty acids and antioxidants. High fructose corn syrup is next. People just seem to have lazy brains. They want terminology and ideas to be simple and easy so the amount of thinking they have to do on a regular basis is minimal.

I'm in the minority of the minority in that I tend to define myself by a lot of labels: atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinker, skeptic, whatever. I'm all of those in some way or another. If people are enough to ask me about it, I'll explain it.

My thing is music, though. If you ask me what kind of music I like, you better sit down and grab some cider.

tall penguin said...

"People just seem to have lazy brains. They want terminology and ideas to be simple and easy so the amount of thinking they have to do on a regular basis is minimal."

This reminded me of growing up Jehovah's Witness and being spoon-fed everything I was supposed to think and do. My mind became quite dull in the process, to such an extent that I never noticed when the powers-that-be would rewrite their own history to make us think that's the way it always was. Sigh.