Monday, May 26, 2008

Being a Nobody...

In the ongoing discussions at my workplace of the now infamous Bible Re-shelving Day, I have been understandably excited about the flow of traffic to my blog. The other day my boss decides to shed his brand of sunshine on the event:

"Well this is all great, but what happens next week when you go back to being a nobody?"

I laughed. What he doesn't know is being a nobody is my ultimate goal in this life. I don't want my identity to become hooked on anything I do or say. I just want to show up and be present. And if someone connects with that, so be it.

I watched the sitemeter on this blog as my hits experienced an all-time daily high of almost 3,000 after the events hit PZ Myers' blog, almost a week ago. And I have watched them go down by half each day since. And I'm amazed at how much it actually doesn't bother me. I feel so grateful for those who've stopped by, for the new friends I've acquired along the way and for the re-emergence of an old friend (the anon poster who linked my blog to Myers to begin with).

Life waxes and wanes. People come and go. It is what it is.

tall penguin


Elessa said...

think of the adjustment in the site meter as a winnowing of the chafe from the wheat.

i am one who followed the link from pharyngula to your blog. i like your writing style, musings and outlook on life.

i look forward to reading your posts.

tall penguin said...

Thanks elessa. I'm really grateful for the people who've stuck around here for discussion. I'm enjoying these exchanges deeply.

Flonkbob said...

And some of us you can't get rid of with a stick. Sad, really.