Wednesday, March 5, 2008


As you know, if you're a regular reader of my blog, I was raised in the Jehovah's Witness group/cult/religion/whatever you wanna call it. I once called on people's doors bringing them the Bible's "good news" through the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Well, this little diddy showed up in the February 1st edition of the Watchtower:

"If we really are the product of evolution and there is no creator, the human race would, in a sense, be an orphan. Mankind would have no source of superior wisdom to consult- no one to help us solve our problems. We would have to rely on human wisdom to avert environmental disaster, to solve political conflicts, and to guide us through our personal crises. Do these prospects bring you peace of mind? If not, contemplate the alternative. Not only is it more appealing, but it also makes more sense."

This brand of "logic" is maddening. Yes, without the Big Daddy In The Sky we are all just helpless orphans. What a complete mindfuck. It's okay that Sky Daddy is going to obliterate all non-believers one day in order to make life better for his children, but we won't talk about that. Let's just focus on having our imaginary friend to talk to each day, to tell him how bad things are without his intervention. Global warming. The middle east. We're all doomed to failure unless Sky Daddy comes to save the day. Until then, we'll just pretend these things aren't happening, because well, us pathetic little evolved creatures aren't capable of "superior wisdom". May as well just throw up our hands and wait for God to make it all better. Oh wait, that's how we got into this mess to begin with. Fundamentalism anyone?

tall penguin


José P. said...

Ironically, the idea of a God is derived from said human wisdom.

tall penguin said...

Ironic indeed my friend.

Leeman Tarpley Kessler said...

It's an interesting but sort of sad argument that I've heard from within the Christian community. "Isn't it terrifying to think of a world without God?" My usual response is, "Yes, if you're used to him being there. If you're not, why would it matter to you?" An orphan with no notion of what "parents" are doesn't particularly care; it just hobbles about its day.

It's the problem I have with active proselytizing. There are precious few real, objective, logical arguments for faith. That's why it is a Faith, not a Proof. I feel you can try to live out your faith and be honest about it when asked and hope that people are drawn towards it but if you try to threaten with hell or bribe with heaven and use logic that usually doesn't hold much water, you're only going to breed discontent or attract people to the faith on a bunch of shaky premises.

So even as one who takes comfort from the "sky daddy," I have to say that arguments like Watchtower makes do not really help.

ps. the Trinity rocks, JWs, get with the program.

tall penguin said...

Nice commentary Leeman. For a faith-head you're pretty cool. And your blog's not bad either. ;)

matt said...

When I read that in my bathroom (where my parents seem to read these things), I couldn't stop laughing.

"If we really are the product of evolution and there is no creator, the human race would, in a sense, be an orphan."

The courageous of us will realize that this means it's our duty to get off our asses and raise this poor orphan. Stop praying for rain. Pick up where we left off, and to get some work done for humanity. Be the superior wisdom to consult, guide children to love to learn and gain knowledge. It just rubs me the wrong way, this immoral defeatist trash. Armageddon will never happen, because we can always prove God a liar.