Friday, March 14, 2008

Preschool Destiny?

Is it possible that our very basic passions in life are set from very early on in life, long before society gets into our heads and tells us who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do?

I currently nanny a couple of twin boys, nineteen months old. Already at this age, they are showing aptitudes for different things. It is fascinating to watch them. One enjoys books immensely. He can sit and “read” for an hour at a time. But it’s as if he is grasping the depth of the words and pictures in a way his brother does not. His brother spends his time trying to figure things out. They have this toy board with a number of gears on it and he spends a lot of time watching how the gears work, putting them in different positions and analyzing new ways to use them.

I think of my brother and I and what we were drawn to as young children. Before he was even five, my brother was taking things apart to see how they worked, taking great interest in the mechanics of things. He is now a professional Mechanical Engineer.

I was perusing some old photo albums and there are so many pictures of me as a young girl, around three or four, and I’m dancing. I loved to dance. I recall choreographing little dance routines and calling my parents and brother into the living room for my dance recital. On Friday nights, on the dance floor of any local club you can find me off in my own little world feeling the music run through me. And it feels like home.

I’ve taken to spending a few minutes every day before I head out to work dancing around my living room. Right now I’m in love with Yoav’s Club Thing. I put it on repeat and go somewhere I can only describe as true bliss. If I have a happy place, this is it.

I’ve been joking lately with some friends that I’ll be a dancer in the next life. And they all say, “Why not this one?” They’re right. Why not this one?

tall penguin


Thomas said...

Just as you joke that you'll be a dancer in your next life, so, too, do I believe that my inclinations and tendencies go back not just to my childhood, but to my previous lives. Various phobias one has could also go back to previous-life traumas (Brian Weiss has written several books about this).

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Rahul's and followed this link and wanted to say thank you for making my day with this post. I too was a child dancer, tortured my poor family with my little "recitals" and even got paid to dance in some clubs in my 20's. But then I think I let life get in the way of my inner child. Thank you for sharing your ability to keep yours alive. It has inspired me to try to do the same.
my friends call me goo

tall penguin said...

Hi goo! Nice to meet you here in blogland. Yes, life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of things doesn't it?

May your inner child dance with reckless abandon.

tall penguin