Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the Now...

I was reflecting on what makes a memory fond for me. And there were a few consistent factors that made a moment stand out in my mind.

In moments where I was alone, I remember nature. I have many memories of walks, trees, sun, beach, water, snow, moon.

When the memories involve someone else, they involve eye contact, touch, quiet. Rarely do they involve words. I don't often think "Wow, that was a great conversation we had back in '93." Makes me think words really mean very little.

What I noticed in all of these fond memories is the presence involved. When they happened, everyone/everything was present in the now. Nature is good at that. I've never seen a tree reminiscing about the past or contemplating the future. I think that's why I don't recall conversations in a fond way. Anytime we have a conversation, we are usually talking of the past or future. Because really, who needs to talk about the now? It is now. Why talk about it? Why not just live it? And when we are truly present, the words fail to describe the beauty of the moment. It just is as it is. No more is needed.


tall penguin


Ganga Fondan said...

Beautiful Post, my friend...reminds me of my last Christmas with my lover. We sat in the glow of the christmas tree lights and the equalizer lights on the stereo...we had one mini bottle of champage and a toblerone bar on the table between us. We stared into eachother's essence for what seemed like an hour. we communicated lifetimes of happiness to each other. sometimes when I close my eyes...I still feel every detail of that memory in me. The experience was as powerful as connecting with our bodies. I totally agree. Not a word was spoken....but sooo much was said.

Big hug my friend,

tall penguin said...

Beautiful moment Ganga. Every time I hear you describe it I get goosebumps.