Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Those Who Know...

Sometimes, the minutes fall like rain on pavement. You search for an umbrella but realize there’s no point; you’re already wet. And you cry because no one will be able to see your tears. And you think you know why you’re crying, but really, you don’t.

Sometimes, the hours pass like snowflakes in the wind. You watch them from behind the window; where it’s warm, where it’s safe. And you smile because no one will be able to see your smile through the white blanket. And you think you know why you’re smiling, but really, you don’t.

And sometimes, the days don’t pass at all. You watch, you wait, you sing, you dance, you laugh, you cry, you jump up and down, but the day just won’t budge. You think you know why, but really, you don’t.

tall penguin


hannabelle said...

i love this piece, tall penguin, this is beautiful!

let's see...if i wanted to personify time, i see him as a mean character who is impatient and hurried; he goes about his business and doesn't like to wait for me.

there is sometimes a good side to him, though. he sits beside me on a park bench under the rolling clouds floating in a pool of blue; gently taking me through stories of the past.

tall penguin said...

I enjoyed your imagery here Hannabelle.