Monday, February 25, 2008

Look Who's Talkin'...

I went for a job interview today. It was arranged through the temp agency, which I talked about a few weeks back. Once again, I felt as if the words were just coming out of my mouth, from a very core place. I watched myself talking with the interviewers. And I listened as the penguin in the chair said all manner of things she wouldn’t normally have said during an interview. Like this:

Interviewer (of non-profit organization): What word would your current co-workers use to describe you?

tall penguin: (laughs quite loudly, gleaming with a devilish smile) Fun.

Now, the old people-pleasing, persona-wearing, I’m-desperate-give-me-this-job penguin would have went through a million different possibilities before responding, thinking about what it is they would want to hear. Competent. Team player. Diligent. Hard-working. But no, I said Fun. Yup. That’s right. Fun.

I left thinking that these ladies would be calling the temp agency asking what kind of crazy person they sent to work for their very prestigious organization. But apparently they liked me. I was offered the job. (I’m not going to take it. There are other things in the fire. Stay tuned.)

It’s funny. I was just watching the clip from the Barbara Walters pre-Oscar special from last night. She interviewed Harrison Ford, who I’ve been in love with since I was a little girl. And he was talking about his first bit part in a film and how, after filming, he got called in to the studio exec’s office to discuss future opportunities. Well, Harrison made some very frank remark and ended up getting thrown out of the studio. But he had this to say about the incident:

“That line set me off on a path, a kind of independence of mind that didn’t serve me well at first but probably has served me well in the long run.”

I understand.

tall penguin

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