Monday, February 18, 2008

Gay and Proud...

They say you shouldn’t drunken text. Well, you probably shouldn’t drunken blog either. But hey, life is too short not to do all the things you shouldn’t do.

So, for the second time this weekend, I went to the gay bar. Same one as the other night when I was accosted by the dude in the coat check line. Tonight, well, I’m not even sure I can explain what happened tonight. But I’ll try.

I went out with two friends from work, one straight gal and my little gay buddy. At some point in the evening, they disappeared to watch the drag show and left me to dance on my own, which I’m totally cool with. If you know me, you know I’m all about the dancing. If the music is good, I don’t care who I’m with, I’ll dance all night. And dance I did.

I was off in my own little world, eyes closed, dancing my little heart out when I feel this guy slide up next to me. Considering where I am, I’m not expecting this. But hey, he could dance, so what the hell. So we’re grinding it up and his boyfriend looks a bit jealous so I invite him to join us. Soon enough, the three of us were getting lots of attention. By the time my friends returned from the drag show, I was sandwiched in the middle of all kinds of gay/bi/straight/whatever men.

Now, I’m new to this. I mean, I used to be the good little Jehovah’s Witness girl who knocked on your door Saturday mornings with the Watchtower and Awake magazines. My sole purpose in life was to warn you of God’s impending judgment. So, me on the dance floor of a gay bar being grinded up by about five different men is funny to me, if not downright hilarious. There are pictures. If I don’t look like a complete drunken crazy in them, I’ll post some later.

Oh, and did I tell you one of the guys was from Milan?! Oh my! Yup, it’s official. I’m a fag hag.

tall penguin

p.s. And my jw parents will be here in less than 10 hours for our official Family Day lunch. Oh, if only they could see how far their daughter has strayed from "the faith". Booyah!!!


Anonymous said...

way to go. you rock.

heart2heart said...

So have you realized your own hotness yet? Your self-confidence obviously transcends all sexuality "boundaries" :)

tall penguin said...

Thanks anon.

Yes heart2heart, I'm getting there. :)

Anonymous said...

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