Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Intentions...

Ahhh…New Years Day. The day after the revelry of the night before, where we swear that this year things will be different than the last. Now, I don’t like the word resolution, probably for the same reason that I hate the word journal, it reminds me of a grade school exercise and I feel like I’m 8 again. No, I like the word intention. Somehow it seems more adult and almost zen. So, here are some intentions I’m setting this first day of 2008.

  1. To find a new job. Something part-time two to three days a week that pays more than $14 an hour, that is relatively stress-free and that is within a short commute from my home. Ideally something in the health field, maybe the hospital system.
  2. To call in “the one”. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds all fairy-tale like. But I was leafing through this book the other day at work and liked the idea of calling in a relationship rather than hunting it down like a piece of meat. My sense is that there is someone out there who’s getting ready for me as I’m getting ready for them and it really is just about calling them in. Okay, now don’t tell me that’s the “Law of Attraction”. Maybe it is. If so, I guess this year I’m going to test it out. So fine, I’m a hypocrite.
  3. To stay at a comfortable weight. This summer I lost 35 pounds due to stress. I’ve since gained back about 15 pounds of that. I feel pretty good where I am right now. I think this is where I want to stay. I’ve got back my little Buddha belly, which I love. The extra padding also gives me a little bit more up front which is always a good thing. I like looking like I have a woman’s body. I like my curves and my child bearing hips. I even like my little dimples of joy that scatter my thighs and behind. It’s all good.
  4. To get angry when I feel angry and learn to express it in a healthy way. My last beau was kind enough to point out that I tend to cry when really I’m pissed. And that I should express my anger rather than getting teary. He’s right. Tears have always been a safer form of expression for me. But I’m learning to tell people when I’m pissed with them instead of breaking down in tears, or worse, turning that anger on myself. I’m learning to punch pillows and use my words to express myself. Oh, and use the F-bomb more. I do love the F-bomb.
  5. To save enough money to take a trip this year. Don’t know where, maybe India. Maybe just Montreal or New York. But just to be able to save enough to take care of my bills while I’m away, and to enjoy some time off would be a huge accomplishment for me. This intention is dependent on number one coming through so we’ll see what unfolds.

Okay, that looks like a pretty comprehensive list. A little career/financial, a little love/relationship, a little health/personal growth. Looks like all the basics are covered. Now, off to live this year, one day, one moment at a time. Starting with a walk in the pristine snow that has just fallen. My, how pretty it is.

tall penguin


mememe said...

hey..just a piece of suggestion....you were like.."make a trip to some foreign country..maybe INDIA.." maybe?? hey i'll tell you make it..for sure...if u ever go somewhere...come to india...hey great place ...not because i m from india...but thers lot to see here...may be if u are interested in cultures n everything....fun fact..in india itself ppl speak more than 130 languages,,,n we also have slums...we have big cities...we have poor people...and unbelievably rich people ..lots more to india...and then i'll tell u ..if you come here you can go to BHUTAN...a small nearby country.....perfect..just perfect...best place i ever went to...its so much into nature...n u can see how its like living in an place too far from technicalities of this world...just how its living in a very simple way...just a suggestion dear..otherwise...greece...even i have to go there someday..or egypt maybe..for the time being..dont b in pakistan!!...haha

tall penguin said...

Hey Ashok,

Thanks for the trip recommendations. Yes, I'll see India one day. Bhutan sounds lovely as well.

tall penguin