Saturday, January 5, 2008


They stand, staring at books. Books on shelves. The titles blur together like the bottom row of an eye chart. There is a store bustling all around them, customers filing in and out, cash registers opening and closing and music blaring off into the background. But all she can hear is the silence that lingers in the air between them as they stand, staring at books.

She hopes the words from the books that line the shelves will seep into her mind and reach her tongue before the silence deafens them both. Yet they do not. The words sit idle.

Her hands twitter at her side like hummingbirds. She hopes they will spontaneously lift her out of this moment, out of this store, out of this life. But here she stands, here they both stand, staring at books.

tall penguin

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Ganga Fondan said...

I love this! This style of writing is like your i-pod story. It really puts me into the moment. Thanks for what you said on my blog about us being powerful women. We've gone through so much and here we are...bold and beautiful, bright and bbbbound for happiness and prosperity!!!! Thanks for being in my world!!!!