Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rewriting the Voices...

For me it has always been a challenge not to let other people into my head space, especially in love relationships. I’ve had the tendency to greatly overestimate the other person and value their opinion more than my own. That’s changing. I’m beginning to go over the messages I’ve adopted from people over the years and question them. And guess what? They’re bullshit.

Enough said.

tall penguin


mememe said...

hey...not everyone is bullshit....may be someone comes along your way....who really should be into your head.....n you just think its'bullshit'...hehe.....just a comment ok..dont get mad !!

tall penguin said...

Naw, it's not the peeople who are bullshit, it's their negative messages that I adopted that are bullshit. They've got to go.

tall penguin

Brandon said...

Yessiry, eventually I realised the signs that someone is toxic to me and they need to be heaved into the landfill along with their ideas.

Eventually I think as you live enough you get the "balls" to tell people where to go.

It takes others longer to be comfortable in their own skin than others.