Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Discovery Through Another's Eyes

Tonight I got to watch as my good friend, and fellow blogger, Ganga discovered using pastels for the first time. She is a wonderful singer and songwriter, graphic artist and photographer. I have been blessed to awaken to her beautiful voice singing to me through my phone receiver. But tonight was her first time creating with pastels. I watched as she giggled with delight, drawing and blending. I smiled as she'd stop on occasion to look up from her creation and exclaim, "I love pastels!"

I too created but it wasn't about me. It was about watching another soul discover, and enjoying the act of creation anew. It was like watching a child take its first steps. I love moments like this. I live for moments like this. This is what life is about.

tall penguin

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Ganga Fondan said...

Thanks for creating such an ispiring space, my Tall Penguin friend. I'll be back soon for more!!!