Saturday, November 24, 2007


Sometimes my life has a rather surreal quality to it. Like it's not really my life at all. I look at myself and where I was even two months ago, not to mention two years ago, and I smile. I am amazed at how far I've come. I'm amazed at the woman who greets me in the morning each day. I see her eyes--a vibrancy there that I recall seeing in her teens. Some days I feel as if I'm reinventing myself; other days, I feel as if I've just come home.

I lie in my bed this cool Saturday morning. The winter is beginning to whip itself up into a frenzy. I listen to music that reminds me of where I've been. I see an interwoven tapestry of events and people that have lead me to this moment. And I can't help but laugh at my silly little life. It is the laugh of a girl who discovers she was there all along. Who knows that in spite of all the hurt, despair and loss, there is joy and love and complete ecstasy. And the knowledge that all is indeed well.

tall penguin


John Conley said...

It's amazing how much honesty you put into your work. It's sincere and I love that about it.

John Conley

Gayle said...

This is awesome. Hooray for laughter.