Saturday, November 17, 2007

Revisiting career paths...

Once every 2 or 3 years, my brother decides to update his wardrobe. He asks me to be his fashion consultant as he is fashion-challenged as well as colour-blind. So today, I took him to my old store, The Bay Fairview, where I worked in Designer fashions some years ago. And I outfitted him in the latest duds.

I felt a rush of excitement as I wandered through the racks, touching the fabrics, taking in the colours. I realized how much I miss working in fashion. How much I miss putting out new merchandise. How much I miss helping people hunt for new wardrobes. The store also has a new look and feel. For a few years, they'd begun looking like Zellers, complete with polyester uniforms. Yick. Now, they're back to their designer Macy's-like look and feel. It almost feels like somewhere I'd be proud to work again.

Some of my old cohorts are still there and would be more than happy to see me back. I'm sure I'd have no problem getting rehired. I'd even be willing to entertain a management position at some point. It's funny because when I left The Bay I swore I'd never go back but things are different now. I'm different. At that point in my life I'd gotten caught up in what I thought I should be doing. I thought that staying in retail was somehow beneath me. But now that I realize that my life is mine and that there's nothing I'm supposed to be doing, I feel free to do whatever the fuck I want.

Letting go of the god idea and all the shackles that go with the "higher purpose" mentality has freed me in so many ways. Who knew it would affect my career path as well?! I'm continually surprised by life. I'm amazed how different life feels right now. How much more open and expansive it feels. And how much I'm enjoying it. And all this without pharmaceutical intervention. Who would've thunk?!

tall penguin


mememe said...

hi tall i read your blog for the first time..certainly not the last.hey really...u sound really good and i admire the way you take up things. You sound pretty inspiring also..really !! i am like what..a my mind i m a kid otherwise i m 22...but great work..kepp up the spirit

tall penguin said...

Thanks mememe. Always great to hear from a new reader.

tall penguin