Saturday, November 3, 2007

News at Eleven

Heat rising
Lust aflame
Reminds me of the day you left.

His kiss
Your kiss
His lips
Your lips
Different lips
Different kiss
Same girl
Different day.

Wondering where I begin
Wondering if you will ever end
Knowing nothing for sure
Knowing everything is pure.

You sit in the back of my mind
On a torn leather couch
Smiling your haunted smile
Laughing your haunted laugh
Pointing the finger once more
When will I ever learn?

Alone with my film
My double feature
A thriller, a comedy, a romantic horror
Girl gets heart ripped open
News at eleven.

Fuck the tambourines
Fuck the serenade
Fuck your candy-coated apologies
And your heart-shaped epiphanies
You were never real
Never really real
Really never real.

Nor was I.

tall penguin

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