Thursday, November 15, 2007

I met Jamie Oliver!

I work in a large bookstore in Toronto. Tonight, Jamie Oliver, famed chef, came to our store for an interview and book signing. Well, I got to work the "green room" before the event and got to hang out with him while he signed some books before going on-stage. Very nice guy. Down to earth. Pretty much as you see him on his shows.

I've always been impressed with Jamie's charity work. His work in UK schools to bring healthier meals to students is inspiring. And his charity Fifteen helps disadvantaged youth get into the food business.

I'm a big foodie. I LOVE the Food Network. I've been without a TV for the past 6 months and I miss the food shows the most. (Santa, if you're listening, I want a TV for Christmas.) So, what a thrill to meet Jamie in person. YIPPPEEE!!! God, I'm such a girl.

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