Saturday, November 17, 2007

Does my body remember?

16 years ago this month I experienced a series of losses. My grandfather died. Both of my pets died. And my brother was away at University and in need of emergency surgery. On top of that, I was sick with a really bad chest infection. Which brings me to today.

I've been sick for the past week. And as I recall, I usually become quite ill at this time of year. Is it just because it's fall and transition time? Is it because I've been enjoying a lot of late nights? Or is it also possible that my body remembers the hits it took so long ago? I become very aware of my grief around this time of year. It takes me a moment to clue in to the anniversary of these losses and then it makes sense.

I really wonder if experiences get locked up in the body. If the body actually remembers events on some unseen schedule. There is so little we know. So many questions.

tall penguin

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John Conley said...

Tall Penguin,

I think I can relate. We all feel like this now and again, and our grief or pain can manifest in the strangest ways. I hope you feel better soon. A great big virtual hug to you.