Saturday, November 17, 2007


Out at the mall today, they had some bagpipe players. As soon as I heard their music, a shudder ran through me from head to toe. I was filled with delight. Bagpipes make me very emotional. I think it comes from my childhood. My grade school principal Mr. Fleming, a true Scotsman, would play bagpipes at all of our school events. In addition, he would subject us to Haggis on Robbie Burns day and was known to smoke a pipe in his office (back when smoking in the workplace was still allowed). He was one very cool cat.

As the bagpipes played, my body remembered the freedom of being a child. Those days in grade school are some of my fondest childhood memories. What struck me though was how similarly I feel at this point in my life. I find my childlike love for life has returned somehow. I find my delight in the simple things has reawakened. And I find myself able to once again live in the present moment. Life is good.

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ASHOK said...

yess..bagpipes are partucularly very interesting and nostalgic....btw i m not mememe..ashok..thats my name..keep rolling