Saturday, October 20, 2007


I've entered the wonderful and exciting and incredibly vast and scary world of dating, both real-world and online. What an interesting foray into the human condition. I have learned so much more about life just from dating in the past month than in years of therapy! There is definitely something to be said for experience-based, or is it hands-on (no pun intended), learning.

One thing I was surprised to find out about myself is that at this moment in time I'm more afraid of hurting someone else than being hurt myself. That surprises me. I really thought I'd feel more fragile during this process, but really I'm just concerned that my actions may hurt another. With that awareness I'm doing my best to be fully present with people and be as honest as I can, even if that means simply saying, "I don't know what I'll feel tomorrow but this is what I feel right now." It seems to be enough. Who would've guessed?

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