Saturday, October 20, 2007

Belief Testing...

Over the past month I've been testing more beliefs around my energy and stamina levels. For someone with a history of chronic pain and fatigue, this is no easy feat. There are so many beliefs I've held around what I can and cannot do. I have been testing my ability to get up early and move through my day without naps. Seems simple enough, but it hasn't been the case for me for a large part of my life so I really wasn't sure what I could reasonably expect my body to do.

I've been getting up at a regular time in the mornings, usually by 8 am and am out the door within half an hour. I'm working about 40-50 hours between my 3 jobs (including my own business which I'm revisiting). I'm enjoying an active social life. I have my own apartment. I'm paying all my own bills. And I'm functioning. Quite well I might add. I continue to be surprised by what I'm capable of doing. I imagine there will be more surprises in the days to come as I test more of what I've held to be true for so long.

I like surprising myself. I like being my own cheering section. I like testing my own boundaries. (Shhh...don't tell anyone but I even think I might like myself. Weird.)

tall penguin

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Rebecca said...

Lovely picture of you, by the way.