Monday, September 17, 2007

Law of Attraction...

So, there's a new age/self help principle that talks about the law of attraction, that we attract what we think about into our lives, or we attract lessons we need to learn to us. Not sure I buy into this. I've been thinking of death and suicide for over 15 years. Why am I still here? Surely by now, I should have attracted some sniper or disgruntled postal worker or some loathsome disease to take me out of the game. But no, I'm still here.

The self help gurus say to focus on the positive and all will be well. I find it hard to buy into that either. I bought into so many ideas as a jw. I believed that Armageddon was coming and that the earth was going to be made into a paradise. I believed that I was going to find someone to love and be with my whole life. I believed that the people I looked up to were telling me the truth. I realize I've given way too many people in my life too much credit. I have been blinded by a person's potential and forget to see who they are now. I have ignored behavior I shouldn't have. I have tolerated abuses. I have allowed people to manipulate me. No more. So, forgive me if I don't buy into the "just think positive" mentality. It just feels like more mindfuckery to me.

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Tobias said...

have you ever studied the law of attraction? as in devoted a decent amount of time to learn and practice this law?