Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This black day
This black hole
Shattered pieces
Never whole

You lied to me
You lied to you
There never was a dream
There was only two

Your mask wore thin
The blood smeared your face
You ran away
You fell from grace

I believed the lie
Twice around
Steered the ship
And ran aground

Fuck your sense of self
You were never worth knowing
With your lips open
Your arrogance showing

Finish the job
Carve out my heart
Finally close off
Something you start

Then leave me to die
Be on your way
Put on your show
Pretend away

You were never real
Not even now
Look in the mirror
You sacred cow

Hope it was worth it
Your game of sport
If fate is kind
It will be short

And you will suffer
The same as I
You will heave
And you will cry

And you will know
You killed what was good
The naïve little muse
Who did what she could.

tall penguin

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