Saturday, July 21, 2007

Your Carbon Footprint...

My dear friend Loni has brought my attention to this site which outlines ways to reduce your carbon footprint and therefore pay heed to the threat of global warming.

Now, I can't say I'm an environmentalist by any means but this site has definitely raised my awareness and will make me think twice about my impact on the planet.

Funny though because I'm more aware of my emotional/existential footprint. I consider it my personal responsibility to raise my own consciousness/awareness so that my emotional impact on those I share the planet with is a positive one. I figure that if I can win the battle within my own psyche I'm in a much better position to be at peace with my fellow man. I wonder what an "emotional footprint" pie chart might look like. Hmmm...

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Magellan said...

Interesting idea. I'd like to see that chart too! Lately I'm torn between the belief that we need to work hard at saving the planet (in order to have a place for several billion existential crises) and the belief that if we don't all work harder at improving our mental and emotional footprints nothing we do for the planet will really matter.

Fortunately, improving both at the same time is possible. I'll work at it.