Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The dance complete
They return to what they know
Or rather
What can be no other way
Stars foretold long ago
Seeds sealed the deal
Words written on slates that were never blank
It is what it is
How could it be otherwise?

Her body reels with pain
Electric spiders weave webs of grief down her spine
Skinless sinews exposed
To a world that cannot contain her
She is who she is
How could she be otherwise?

He taps on piano keys
Composing the future of the past
Ever smiling
Charged with illusions of grandeur
Masks so well made that even he has forgotten what he’s hiding
The dancing bear on parade
He is who he is
How could he be otherwise?

Their paths no longer cross
At least not in ways anyone would notice
There are unseen ties that bind
Probably never to be broken
What’s done is done
It cannot be otherwise.

tall penguin

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