Sunday, June 17, 2007

Columbian Extravaganza!

Tonight I visited some friends from Colombia. They made us a traditional dish called Bandeja Paisa. Oh my. I don't think I've ever consumed more protein, carbs and fat in one sitting. And it was glorious. As you can see from the picture, the meal consists of many different dishes. And yes, that is considered one serving. Needless to say, I took half of mine home in a doggie bag. Traditionally, Bandeja Paisa consists of beans, rice, fried plantain, chorizo, shredded stewed beef, pork chop, a fried egg, roasted yuca and a slice of avocado and banana to round it all out.

With beautiful Colombian music playing in the background and the alcohol free-flowing, it felt like I was transported to South America. After gorging myself, I dragged my very satiated self to the couch where I caught a quick nap. Apparently, this is typical after such a meal. In Colombia, a meal of this size is usually eaten midday and followed by a snooze before returning to work for the afternoon. We're doing it so wrong here in North America.

After my refreshing siesta, it was dancing time. My host snapped me up onto the living room floor and taught me some merengue and salsa steps. And I taught him a few steps too. (You do remember how much I love to dance don't you?) Then it was off into the breezy warm evening for a walk along the harbourfront. An absolutely delightful way to end the weekend.

I must say, I could get used to this kind of living. Why do I live here again?

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