Sunday, May 20, 2007


I've been doing a lot of walking these days. I've made peace with my body, with my soul actually. I am in my own skin and loving the moment. This moment. The only moment there is.

I took a different route home yesterday. I just chose random streets to walk up heading in the general direction of home, trusting that eventually I'd reach my destination. Walking up one street, I came upon a large park. A park I didn't even know existed. It was tree-lined and dipped down in the middle to a playing field. I edged my way down the hill, stopping just short of the bottom and found myself a little patch of grass to lay down on. I read for a bit, then curled up and fell asleep, the sun beating down on my face. I could feel myself smiling, grinning from ear to ear as I napped. This moment was perfect. As every moment was beginning to be.

From the park I continued walking. The streets were lined with huge maples. I pulled down one of the large leaves and carried it along with me, waving it like a flag as I walked. Still grinning like an idiot. And loving it.

I noticed that the area I was entering seemed familiar. I looked to my left and saw the home of a former client. A little girl I'd worked with some years ago. I popped across the street and rang their doorbell, remembering the moments we'd shared together. They weren't home but I could feel their presence in my heart. I was filled with gratitude as I thought of how our lives overlapped for the brief time of our work together. And I reflected on the many lives that have intersected mine so far on this journey. And I realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. To continue to enjoy the moments of touching people's lives and having their lives touch mine.

tall penguin


truthsetsonefree said...

"To continue to enjoy the moments of touching people's lives and having their lives touch mine."

This is also one of my main discoveries in this past year. I took the year off from all volunteer activities to "find myself" again. And I know that I never want to go back to being so rushed that I can't savor moments and relationships.


tall penguin said...

Thank you tsof for sharing. It is so true isn't it...that these moments, these connections we share with people are what life is really about.

I too took a step back from my life of helping others in order to create the space to "find myself". I realized the person most in need of my help was me. Best decision of my life.

Hugs to you fellow traveler.