Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Pressure of the Shoulds...

How many relationships crash and burn or become eroded over time because of the shoulds? The way we think things should be, how they should act, how we should act, what love should look like, what love should feel like, what we think should happen next. And on and on it goes. Disappointment over the unrealized shoulds destroys relationships. It destroys our souls.

All our preconceived ideas of what should occur in life, in love, in ourselves, in others--they are all cages. We are slaves to our own ideals, our own thoughts. The chemical and electrical constructs that have been hard-wired into our three pound universe through genetics and experience have enslaved us. It is a vicious cycle. So insidious. So seemingly real. So easily identified with. And so maddening.

I hate being human. I fucking hate it.

tall penguin

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