Monday, March 19, 2007

My Depressing Blog...

So my boyfriend says my blog is depressing. And I say, so what?

tall penguin


Anonymous said...

I didn't say it was depressing! I said it was heavy. I mean, you eat plate after plate of lasagna, don't you want some lemonaide now and again? Sigh.

kwintestal said...

Perhaps your boyfriend should start a blog, I think it will go like this:

Day 1 ... Today I wrote some programming.

Day 2 ... Today I wrote some programming.

Day 3 ... Today I wrote some programming.

Day 4 ... Today I wrote some programming and played Nintendo Wii for a couple minutes.

Day 5 ... I'll stop now.


tall penguin said...

ROFL!!! Thanks Sean. That was frickin' hilarious!

Jessica said...

Josh, Josh, Josh... *sigh*

Well, I guess we know who "anonymous" is, huh? lol

Just give the boy some lemonaide and he'll be happy (he's obviously thirsty).

Seriously though, I think your blog is very thoughtful and open. Not many people are willing to share their deeper thoughts and fears with other people the way you have here.