Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let the sun shine in...

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in Toronto. I can't even put into words how lovely the weather was. But I can tell you how it made me feel. Like living. Like dancing. Like walking. Like being.

I spent the afternoon walking our downtown core, perusing shops, enjoying some sushi, stopping along the way to read a book and sit quietly while the sun beat on my face and the light spring wind wooshed across my skin. Every cell in my body breathed a little sigh of relief. None of us thought this winter would ever end.

There is a lovely calm that comes from being in nature. There's something very sacred about sitting in the sun, feeling its warmth, feeling its constancy. Tears came to my eyes yesterday as I sat. I was overwhelmed by the possibility of the new that surrounded me. Spring brings forth new life. I feel new somehow. I feel reborn.

tall penguin

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heart2heart said...

Isn't it amazing the effect that the weather has on our emotions and sense of well-being. I love this time of year when the sun is out, and the air is starting to warm up. It really is like being reborn, everything feels so fresh and new and alive :)