Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Responses to Atheism post...

I thank everyone who has emailed me about my recent post on atheism and religion. I find it interesting that most people felt more comfortable discussing their views privately with me and not here in the open. I imagine there may be many reasons for that, including not being familiar with posting on an open forum such as this. I wonder though whether it is our desire for "political correctness" that prevents us from being more open on this subject. What are we so afraid of? Worth asking ourselves I think.

Believe me, blogging on this particular subject has been very difficult. As I expressed in response to one of the emails I received, it is a HUGE step for me to even be discussing anything so openly, let alone god and religion. For most of my life I've hidden away my thoughts for fear of offending someone, somewhere. God forbid (no pun intended) I should have people not like me anymore because they disagree with something I've said. I am painfully and slowly learning to check my ego at the door and put myself out there. I may be wrong. And I am willing to be wrong. It doesn't matter. I just want to talk about this stuff.

Once you've experienced censorship of thought you find a certain freedom in just being able to discuss ideas, without having to commit to a particular belief. I'm actually finding myself moving away from beliefs. The less I believe the better. I am here. I know that much. For now anyways. Maybe someday I'll discover that that isn't so either.

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feathermepurple said...

Your are right about no being used to posting on blogs, I thought i did post untill it said message has been sent. LOL I have no problem dicussing the misleading values of religon.