Monday, January 8, 2007

Pale Blue Dot...

Had an interesting day. I started off being caught in a web of self-pity and grief. Then I took some time out to just watch my thoughts and realized I was causing myself a whole lot of unnecessary suffering. I still find it fascinating (and frustrating too) how my thoughts can over-run my brain. I feel like such a hostage sometimes.

I came across this which I found sobering. It's Carl Sagan's reflections on a very unique photo of the Earth. It speaks volumes and definitely puts things into perspective for me.

tall penguin


matt said...

I think this is the part where I fell in love with Sagan, if not before. This is his reflection as a humanist.

He put into perspective what it means to live on a world filled with nonsense. War? The stars don't care. :)

As self-centered as we childishly hope to be, exploring the universe has been the only way to really humble ourselves.

It's quite the opposite ideal compared to humbly serving a God. Wherein God proves that you are the great self-centered entity, mastery over others, mastery over the animals -- a distinction to you, being not an animal, but the very image of God himself -- and mastery over the world around you. In a universe created solely for the self-benefit of You, the "humble" servant. And yet, these are all true statements -- if you're not a humanist. :)

<3 Sagan

Flonkbob said...

I just re-'found' this video a week or two ago. It was a joy to see the first time, and even more so now, when everything looks to be in such bad shape.

I content myself with the reminder that, with plate tectonics, everything will be cleaned up after us. Eventually.