Saturday, January 6, 2007


I had an MRI today (for some back issues). I've never had one before so I wasn't sure what it would be like. Some people told me it might freak me out because it's so confined. My boyfriend attempted to "prepare" me for the experience by telling me to envision myself as a mummy. I didn't think that was the best visualization but that's my boyfriend for ya. To know him is to love him, or at least tolerate his attempts to make me feel better.

I guess if I were claustrophobic it might have been an issue for me inside that metal tube. I actually found the whole experience rather cocoon-like. There was something quite lovely about the sensory deprivation. Lying completely still with my eyes closed and ear plugs in, the only sense I was acutely aware of was my hearing. It's REALLY loud in that machine. But it's a neat rhythmic hum, like some kind of heavy metal lullaby.

When I came out I was dizzy and disoriented, kinda spacey. It was wonderful, not unlike a good buzz from your favorite drink or other buzz-inducing substances. I came out and my boyfriend had to help me unlock my locker because I couldn't even coordinate myself to put the key in.

On leaving the hospital, I noticed my boyfriend had a cup of tea in his hand. I asked, "When did you have time to go down and get a tea?"

He said, "You were in there for 30 minutes."

I snickered. Groovy man. Groovy.

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feathermepurple said...

Thank you for your experience with an MRI I will be less nervous (if i ever need one) after hearing you story.