Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life's Soundtrack

In almost every film, there is a montage scene. It's the scene where the main character's life is reviewed before he dies or the movie ends. Or sometimes, it's used to show a progression of events over time. Sometimes, when I'm sitting on the subway, I look out the window and see a montage of my life so far. Often it's triggered by a song that is playing on my Ipod. All sorts of memories float up from within, things I haven't thought about in years. Some happy. Some sad. It's like watching a film and hearing your life's soundtrack playing in the back of your mind. At this point in my life, my montage would be heard with Rufus Wainwright's "Beautiful Child".

If a montage of your life was being filmed, what song would you like to accompany it?

tall penguin


Magellan said...

2000 points for citing a Rufus Wainwright song!! You have entered the pantheon of uber-coolitude!

Anthony said...



It's on Aenima