Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Rue the Day

I hate the day. Perhaps it is the Fibromyalgia that makes it difficult to move in the mornings. Perhaps it is the fact that I don't sleep well many nights. Or perhaps it is my deep disdain for the status quo lifestyle that pervades the daylight hours.

There is a hustle and bustle, constant "busy-ness", striving and struggling, worker bee drone, robotic, and sheep to the slaughter kind of vibe to the daytime, particularly in the city. On those loathsome days where I am called on to function before 4:00 pm I dread leaving my house.

Remember those conveyor belts in the Jetson's? How the characters would just step on to one and they'd quickly be shuffled along to their destination? When I go out during the day, that's how it feels. I step out of my house and I'm shuffled along by the collective societal desire to "produce", to "get things done", to "make it through the day", to "achieve the dream". To what end though? What is our destination? A house? 2 cars? 2.5 children? Where are we going?

tall penguin

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