Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Delaying the Inevitable...

Hope. We all want hope. We know that we all, one day, will die. Yet most of us don't really want to accept that. We want to think we're going to live forever. Religion capitalizes on this desire. And I think medicine does as well.

We see doctors not necessarily for a cure. We just want to know we're not dying; at least not tomorrow or anytime soon. We want to cheat fate somehow; to have some foregleam of our inevitable death. If we're given a clean bill of health, or at least the problem is identified as non-terminal, we feel vindicated. Ahh, death is not coming for me yet.

It's an illusion though. We could die ten minutes from now. Next week. Hell, a meteor could come and incinerate the whole planet, even though we have lots of equipment to monitor these things. We rely on these gauges; science, religion, medicine, politics; our authority figures. We trust them to take information and tell us that no matter how bad it looks, there is a solution; there is hope. We don't want to face the inevitable. One day we're going to die. Every last one of us. And so we delay living our life, being present in the moment, which is all that is real. And by doing so, we are already dead.

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