Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are We Addicted to the Highs?

Furthering my constant inquiry into what motivates people to do things, I wonder about the momentary highs we receive from daily happenings and how they propel us to keep going. Perhaps it starts with that first adrenaline rush of the alarm going off. Instant chemicals to get us up and moving. Then the trip to the church of Tim Horton's for the caffeine. Then off to work to do something that makes us feel like we're contributing to society. To have those moments of success where we feel we've accomplished something new or noteworthy. These moments are punctuated with yet more trips to the caffeine shrines, sugar-laden goodies and perhaps a trip to the gym to boost those brain chemicals into a seeming state of balance. You come home, kick back with a cool one, enjoy more food, allow yourself to be entertained by the boob tube and soon you're off to dreamland. And it all starts again tomorrow.

You can add any variation of high-inducing activity, including sports, religion, education, alcohol, drugs, sex, music, art, whatever you like. The point is, well, what's the point of all of this? Do we live merely for these momentary highs? Is that what keeps us going each day? Is this what life is about? Are we just a bunch of firing brain chemicals waiting for the next hit?

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